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  • Fuji Film X-Tra 400 & Nikon SP
    Recently I am slowly getting into films photography.  The process of waiting the film to be developed and scanned is painful.  I also haven’t found a place that offers good quality of film development and scanning at reasonable price.   The only shop I found is in Central which is an inconvenient location for me.  One day I may have to buy a good scanner to reduce the long term cost of having someone to do it for me. These photos… read more →
  • Random Photos During CNY
    The Chinese New Year break went by like a breeze.  We went on a short trip to Macau and then spent the entire holiday in Hong Kong.  Greeting, eating, and sleeping became the daily routine.  During the break, I took a lots of family photos that I won’t be able to show here.  Here are some photos taken during the New Year break … hope you can sense the holiday spirit. Clowns amusing visitors at the Venetien Casino in Macau.  … read more →
  • New Year Calendar
    At the end of last year, marketing team had an idea to use photos taken by me in the company’s 2014 calendar.  I gave them 20+ photos to choose from.  The creative team picked 12 photos. The creative team put a lot of effort into it.  The whole project had been a fun experience.  Since the calendar will be given to customers and partners around the region.  My greetings were printed in Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese. Everything looks great… read more →
  • Taipei Auto Show
    Taipei is only 1.5 hours away from Hong Kong by flight.  It’s a place where I always love to spend time with my family since we love its variety of food, inexpensive shopping, many nice small restaurants and cafeterias, bookstores to spend a quite afternoon, friendly people, and the genuine Chinese tradition and culture long been destroyed in the mainland.  Taipei also has the open space and many activities for kid where we typically won’t find in Hong Kong. As… read more →
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