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  • Over Calgary
    In August, we visited our friend Shawn and his family in Calgary.  Shawn is a bright inventor, technologist, investor, and a seasoned pilot.  He took us in his helicopter for a ride over Calgory.  It was definitely highlight of our trip to Canada.  My daughter was so thrilled during the 60 minutes flight.  We flew over valleys, rivers, farm lands, highways, and downtown.  It was memorable experience. Enjoy life and the moments we are with our friends and families!… read more →
  • Roger’s Farm
    From Cheney, Washington to Calgary, it’s 726 Kilometres of road in front of us.  We had a late start and left the hotel at 9:30 AM.   We got my friend’s home in Calgary at 10 pm.     It was a beautiful drive filled with mountains, trees, towns, and farm lands. On route 22 toward Black Diamond, I saw thousands of haystacks laying on the grass field.  It was an amazing scene.  I thought it’s indeed a hardship and who did it… read more →
  • The 1st Starbucks Store
    Ever since I switched to a new job, I haven’t got much time to either exercise or write blogs.  It is not only due to the demanding work but also my own poor time management.   In August, I finally found a window of opportunity to take my family for a quick vacation.  We went to Seattle and Calgary.  While I was never able to hide away from emails, it was a much needed short break.  I now have enough photos… read more →
  • Sun Moon Lake 日月潭
    Ever since I switched my job in April, I have been swamped with work and travels.  I joined a new company in a new industry.  It does require a lot of my focus and energy.  I have not been taking too many photos in the past three months.  Here are a photos from a recent visit to Sun Moon Lake 日月潭 in Taiwan.  As compared to a few years ago, this place is filled with tourists from the mainland China.  … read more →
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