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  • Sun Moon Lake 日月潭
    Ever since I switched my job in April, I have been swamped with work and travels.  I joined a new company in a new industry.  It does require a lot of my focus and energy.  I have not been taking too many photos in the past three months.  Here are a photos from a recent visit to Sun Moon Lake 日月潭 in Taiwan.  As compared to a few years ago, this place is filled with tourists from the mainland China.  … read more →
  • East Taiwan
    Ever since I switched to a new job, I not been able to take as many photos as I normally do.  Nowadays I am shooting mostly with iPhone.  These photos were taken by M240 during a weekend trip to Yilan, Pinglin, and Toucheng in east Taiwan.  As soon as you step out from Taipei, you are into nature and small towns where true balance of life and inner peace can be found.   Living in a small town where everyone knows… read more →
  • Fuji Film X-Tra 400 & Nikon SP
    Recently I am slowly getting into films photography.  The process of waiting the film to be developed and scanned is painful.  I also haven’t found a place that offers good quality of film development and scanning at reasonable price.   The only shop I found is in Central which is an inconvenient location for me.  One day I may have to buy a good scanner to reduce the long term cost of having someone to do it for me. These photos… read more →
  • Random Photos During CNY
    The Chinese New Year break went by like a breeze.  We went on a short trip to Macau and then spent the entire holiday in Hong Kong.  Greeting, eating, and sleeping became the daily routine.  During the break, I took a lots of family photos that I won’t be able to show here.  Here are some photos taken during the New Year break … hope you can sense the holiday spirit. Clowns amusing visitors at the Venetien Casino in Macau.  … read more →
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