Leica M vs Leica M9

After 10 months of endless waiting, the ultimate camera in the rangefinder world has finally arrived.  I placed order with a Leica dealer in the US right after M240 was announced last September.   Other than watching testing videos on Youtube, I had never held one in my hand until three weeks ago.  I consider myself a lucky one to get hold of one even after close to a year waiting.

Since I was quite busy lately,  I was in a hurry to open the box.   It completely ruined my anticipated exciting box opening experience.  As anyone would have expected, the camera is extremely well built.  It’s very solid and feels like a piece of art.   The M240 body is a bit bigger and heavier than M9.  The newly improved viewing screen gives stunning details and brightness.  The focus peaking is extremely useful.  The shutter produces a very discrete sound, a huge improvement over M9.

The following testing shots were taken by using exact same setting and Summilux 50 mm lens.  The only difference is that they were either taken by M9 or M240.   Honestly, to my disappointment, I can’t tell any major difference.

It seems that M9 produces a more solid output while M240 is sharper and brighter.   The biggest issue I face with M240 so far has been its poor handling of auto white balance.  I look forward to seeing Leica to release an updated firmware to address this issue.

Overall M240 definitely carries the Leica gene and blood.  I am very impressed of its shutter sound, screen quality, high ISO capability under low light condition.  I am also happily surprised by its live view and focus peaking function.  While video quality is average, it can produce film like video thanks to the extreme high quality of Leica glasses.

I will need more time to play with this new toy.  More photos to come in the near future.   Thanks for your visit today!


  • Tomislav Stanich on Mar 11, 2014 Reply

    Hhmmm, … I do not see any of it what Eric is writing above. The only lens can be sharper but not the camera body itself, besides the resolution difference, CCD vs. Cmos or the ISO sensitivity.

  • Tomislav V. Stanich on Oct 02, 2013 Reply

    Well, lately, I reed a lots of people rant about how the newest M240 produces better and more saturated colors than those made by M9. According what I am seeing here is just the opposite.
    I shall stick with my old M9, two M8′ s, DMR/ R8, R9, and S2P.

  • Eric on Sep 25, 2013 Reply

    Congratulations! Very sharp focus and brightness for M240, color is also better I think.

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