Leica M9

Summer Break in Taiwan

HWC201308263 I have been totally swamped with work in the past few weeks.  While work occupied most of my time, I managed to spend a weekend with my family in Taiwan.  Most of the photos I took are related to my families.  I have a principle of not showing my family’s face in a public blog.  Here are only a few that I can share with the world. Looking at kids playing in the amusement park is such a relaxing moment.  … read more →

Photographic Books

HWC201307204 Just came back from a 5 days business trip to the US.  I took two cameras with me (Leica M9 and Nikon S3).  Unfortunately I didn’t take a single shoot.  However, I brought back 4 excellent books that I ordered from Amazon. The first book is “The Americans” by Robert Frank.  It was recommended to me by Mr. Wu Jia Bao, photographic curator from Taiwan during a portfolio review session I participated last year.  Robert Frank is a contemporary American… read more →

Happy Hour in Sapporo

HWC201307043 Hokkaido is Japan’s second largest island and also one of my most favorite places to visit.  It has got everything that city people are yearning for … fresh air, beautiful nature, and a simple life style.  That’s why I has been drawn back to this place 5 times in the past few years.  Check out my last year’s post about a family trip to Hokkaido. Last week, I visited Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido, for a mid-year review with… read more →

Weekend in Taipei

HWC2013052512 I was in Taipei last weekend with my family.  It was a short but sweet break.  We spent most time indoors since it was either raining or extremely hot outside. My daughter attended handcraft classes for kids at Eslite Bookstore near Taipei 101.  She was so much into it and made 4 pieces of handcrafts.  While she was busy with her work, my wife and I enjoyed some quite time reading books and relaxed in restaurant and coffee shop in… read more →

300K Euro Leica (finally sold at 528K Euro!)

HWC201305112 WestLicht will hold an antique camera auction on May 25th. I was invited to their pre-auction presentation last weekend.  In the past few years, there has been a strong demand of Leica cameras from Chinese buyers.  That’s why WestLicht demonstrated most valuable items in this year’s auction in Hong Kong including a gold plated Leica III produced in 1931.  The estimated value is between 250 – 300K Euro.  We will see how much it will be sold for …… read more →

Random Shots in Kyoto & Osaka

HWC2013040535 This is final sets of photos that I’ve taken in Kyoto and Osaka in early April. Taking a train from Osaka to Kyoto is quite convenient.  It took only about 40 minutes.   People spend 10 – 20% of their daily life on trains.  Reading books, browsing phones, or sleeping are typical ways to kill time during their commutes. Political campaign posters could still be seen on the street of Kyoto. Men walking by without paying any attention to the… read more →

Philosopher’s Walk and Jinrikisha 哲學の道和人力車

HWC2013040419 While we were walking at the Philosopher’s Walk 哲學の道 in Kyoto last week.  My daughter saw a rickshaw and wanted to have a ride. Meet Yamada Takayuki 山田孝之.  He is a professional rickshaw puller.  You can tell that he loves his profession, likes to meet new people, and is extremely good with kids.  He took us through some amazing streets full of sakura trees and flowers and has definitely made our trip in Kyoto a memorable one. Takayuki-san is a… read more →

Evening Beauty

HWC201304037 Last Wednesday night in Kyoto, I left my wife and daughter in the hotel (with their permission :)) and went out for a late evening walk along the Minamikurumaya-dori Street.  I didn’t expect much until I got there.  The true beauty of cherry blossom revealed its beauty in the evening. More shots from my Osaka and Kyoto trip tomorrow.  … read more →

Sakura Blossom

HWC201304046 I have been very busy lately and had no carefree mood to take any photo until last week during a short break with my family in Osaka and Kyoto.  The cherry blossom season was at its peak.  Beautiful sakura are everywhere along side the streets, in the parks and temples.  The much needed time off gave me a chance to get away from quarter end craziness and ponder about the meaning of work and life balance. Thanks for your visit!  … read more →

A quiet afternoon in Prague

HWC2013012715 This set of photos were taken on the last day of my trip to Prague in January.  I got a chance to explore this historical city. I saw an old couple, very well dressed, calmly working alone the street and realized that happiness in life can be so easy.       I found a bought a 1937 Zeiss Ikon folding camera at Jan Pazdera camera store in the old town area.  The camera is in very good condition.  I… read more →